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Political IQ: Wrestling workplace politics to the ground

Jul 27, 2021

Dan Cable wants you to build a highlight reel so that you know you're not just exceptional - you've had true impact on others. Nancy tries to distract him by talking about Satan. But Dan's too smart - he just laughs and gets us right back on track.

Jul 20, 2021

Geek out with Nancy and Dr. Richard Claydon on why the American evangelical movement gave us the messiah leader and how a lack of trust is fueling employee power.  Throw in quick visits to Japan and Scandinavia and you have a trip around the intellectual world of leadership. (Hint: Richard's read Kierkegaard; Nancy had...

Jul 13, 2021

Francine Parham unpacks the economics of advancement, tells the truth about relationship building versus transactions and so much more you've never ever even thought about.

Jul 6, 2021

Alain Hunkins, author of Cracking the Leadership Code on why the two most important questions in life are: "do you love me?" and "who's in charge?" Not to mention why empathy and power are the Montague and Capulets of corporate life and how consensus can be nuts when it's about the entree choices at the office...